House Business

Chamber Proceedings 

Projected Order of Business

The provisional order of debate in the Legislative Assembly is included in the Projected House Business. This document is a tentative working agenda, published daily, listing items of business expected to be taken up on that day in the order that they are likely to be called for debate.

Order Paper

The official agenda of the Legislative Assembly, published with the Notice Paper, for each sitting day, itemizing the Daily Routine and listing all bills and motions that may be brought forward for debate on that particular day.

Motions Other Than Government Motions (Motions Paper)

A part of the Order Paper that contains private members’ motions, other than those on the Notice Paper or on the Wednesday Order Paper. Though it is part of the Order Paper, the document ‘Motions Other Than Government Motions’ is only printed once a week (usually every Tuesday), separately from the rest of the Order Paper.


The official record of the decisions and other transactions of the Legislative Assembly, compiled and indexed from the daily Votes and Proceedings. The historical Journals of the Legislative Assembly are available from 1996 to present.

Progress of Bills

A table listing all bills introduced during a particular Sitting. The table provides the name of the sponsor of the bills, the dates the bills pass each reading stage and a link to the full text of the bill as it was introduced.

Rules and Procedures

Standing Orders of the Yukon Legislative Assembly (Standing Orders)

The Standing Orders are the rules by which the Legislative Assembly operates.

Annotated Standing Orders

This annotated version explains, in plainer language, the purpose of standing orders, the manner in which they are applied, examples of application and the legal authorities or procedural rationale that provide the basis for the standing orders.

Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure

Basic definitions of procedural terms used in the Legislative Assembly.

Public Gallery Rules of Order

Rules governing public access to sittings of the Legislative Assembly.


Information sheets and additional resources.

Transcripts and Coverage


The unedited preliminary transcripts of proceedings in the Legislative Assembly.


The essentially verbatim report - transcribed, edited, and corrected - of what is said in the Legislative Assembly and in Committee of the Whole.

Live Audio Feed

The live broadcast of the audio from the Legislative Assembly is available online and on the radio at 93.5 FM.

Audio and Video Archives (Coverage of Proceedings)

The full audio and one hour of video from each sitting day of the Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Calendar

The Order Paper, Hansard, audio and video archives for each sitting day, organized by calendar date.

Tabled Documents

Sessional Papers

A sessional paper is a document required to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly in accordance with an act, resolution of the Assembly or Standing Order. Sessional Papers are tabled in the House during Tabling Returns and Documents.

Legislative Returns

A legislative return is a written response to: (a) an oral question (asked during Question Period or Committee of the Whole), (b) a written question that has been placed on the Order Paper, or (c) a motion for the production of papers.

Filed Documents

Filed documents are documents, other than Sessional Papers, that are tabled in the House (usually during Tabling Returns and Documents) and entered into the Assembly’s Working Papers.


A petition is a formal request made by members of the public to the Legislative Assembly for redress of a grievance.

Reports of the Legislative Assembly

Reports include reports from the Clerk on the absence of Members, and reports on subsistence, travel and accommodations of Members of the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Reports from the Legislative Assembly’s committees are found on the committees’ pages.