Select Committee on Renewable Resources

The Select Committee on Renewable Resources was established by Order of the Legislative Assembly on October 28, 1985 (Motion No. 24):
THAT a Select Committee on Renewable Resources be established;
THAT the Honourable Members Mr. Webster, Mr. Brewster, and Mr. Coles be appointed to the Committee;
THAT during a period when the Legislative Assembly is in adjournment, a Green Paper on Yukon 's Renewable Resources shall be transmitted to the Committee by the Minister of Renewable Resources;
THAT the Committee hold public hearings on the Green Paper in Whitehorse and in at least one community in each of the electoral districts outside Whitehorse;
THAT the Committee report to the Legislative Assembly its findings and recommendations on the Green Paper during the Third Session of the 26th Legislature;
THAT the Committee be empowered to call upon the Department of Renewable Resources for technical advice during its review and the public hearings on the Green Paper;
THAT the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly be responsible for providing the necessary support services to the Committee.

The report of the Select Committee on Renewable Resources, Yukoners' Views on Managing Our Renewable Resources, was presented on January 7, 1987.

Committee Members

  • Art Webster (Chair)
  • Bill Brewster
  • Roger Coles