Select Committee on Anti-smoking Legislation

The Select Committee on Anti-Smoking Legislation was established by order of the Legislative Assembly on June 13, 2007 (Motion No. 143). The committee's mandate included holding public hearings for the purpose of receiving the views and opinions of Yukon citizens and interested groups on legislative options for banning smoking in public places, including Bill No. 104, Smoke-free Places Act, which received Second Reading on May 9, 2007. In its report to the Assembly on November 21, 2007, the select committee made six recommendations. The recommendations were as follows:

  1. THAT the Legislative Assembly pass legislation banning smoking in public places (either as a Private Member's Bill, or as a Government Bill).
  2. THAT implementation of the legislation occur as soon as possible after the legislation's passage, and that this implementation occur either in the spring or fall -- not in peak tourist season, or in the winter.
  3. THAT the legislation provide for regulations that would allow the banning of candy cigarettes and other confectionery products.
  4. THAT, with respect to the definition of a public place (which remains to be defined), there be no exceptions made for bars, "mom and pop" operations, or temporary facilities such as special occasion tents.
  5. THAT legislation ban the display and advertising of tobacco products in retail stores, and that there be a phase-in period of one year to allow for compliance.
  6. THAT the legislation allow for regulations to restrict any areas of tobacco promotion or advertising which fall within territorial jurisdiction.

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