Public Gallery Rules of Order

Download a copy of the Public Gallery Order and Decorum

Public Gallery Order and Decorum

Visitors to the Public Gallery are always welcome and encouraged to attend sittings of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

The Guidelines for Visitors in the Public Gallery are as follows: Backpacks, umbrellas, large bags, large coats and other items must be left in lockers provided outside the Public Gallery (see the Security Guard on duty). No balloons or placards are permitted. All hats must be removed. No musical instruments are permitted. Visitors are not permitted to bring food or beverages (including water) into the Public Gallery.

To help maintain order and decorum while the Assembly is in session, visitors are asked to refrain from actions that might disturb the proceedings including:

  • Making loud comments, applauding or any interruption or disturbance,
  • Recording the proceedings – including photography, video or sound recording without the Speaker’s prior permission,
  • Talking to Members of the Legislative Assembly during the proceedings,
  • Standing in the Public Gallery, except at the top of the gallery,
  • Standing in front of the media gallery or in the handicap area,
  • Standing or sitting on stairs,
  • Using electronic devices (e.g. laptops, blackberries, including texting). Handwritten notes may be taken in the Public Gallery.

Visitors may leave the Public Gallery at any time, through the exit door to the Public Gallery.

Thank you for your cooperation.