Speakers of the Legislative Assembly

The Speaker is a Member elected by the Legislative Assembly to preside over its proceedings. In particular, he or she is responsible for maintaining order and decorum. As Chair of the Members’ Services Board, the Speaker oversees the administration of the Assembly. In addition, the Speaker is the spokesperson and representative of the Assembly in its relations with the Commissioner and other bodies outside the House. The Speaker is also president of the Yukon Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Further information on the role of the Speaker.

List of Speakers of the Yukon Legislative Assembly by length of service.

    • Hon. Jeremy Harper 2021 - present
    • Hon. Nils Clarke 2017 - 2021
    • Hon. Patti McLeod 2016-2017
    • Hon. David Laxton 2011-2016
    • Hon. Ted Staffen 2003-2011
    • Hon. Dennis Schneider 2000-2003
    • Hon. Robert Bruce 1997-2000
    • Hon. Doug Livingston 1997
    • Hon. Robert Bruce 1996-1997
    • Hon. John Devries 1994-1996
    • Hon. Alan Nordling 1992-1994
    • Hon. Sam Johnston 1985-1992
    • Hon. Don Taylor 1974-1985
    • Hon. Ronald A. Rivett 1970-1974
    • Hon. John O. Livesey 1967-1970
    • Hon. George O. Shaw 1964-1967
    • Hon. John O. Livesey 1958-1964
    • Hon. A.R. Hayes 1952-1958
    • Hon. Ernest J. Corp 1944-1952
    • Hon. Richard Lee 1940-1943
    • Hon. Ernest J. Corp 1937-1940
    • Hon. Andrew Teddie 1931-1937
    • Hon. Frank Carscallen 1928-1931
    • Hon. Charles Bossuyt 1925-1928
    • Hon. Robert Lowe 1920-1925
    • Hon. Allan A. McMillan 1918-1920
    • Hon. John Turner 1917-1918
    • Hon. Archie Martin 1915-1917
    • Hon. Alex Gillis 1912-1915
    • Hon. Robert Lowe 1909-1912

    Note: Section 5 of the Yukon Territory Act (1898) – the federal legislation that created the territory – provided for an appointed “Council to aid the Commissioner in the administration of the territory…” Before the Council became a fully-elected body, its meetings were presided over by a Commissioner, not a Speaker. Even after the Council became a fully-elected body in 1909, the name “Council of the Yukon Territory” remained in the Act. On December 13, 1974 this elected body, referring to itself as the “Yukon Legislative Council” adopted a resolution that said, in part, “THAT henceforth this House be known and styled as the Yukon Legislative Assembly…” The use of the term “Legislative Assembly” was not recognized in the Act until the Yukon Act, 2002 came into force on April 1, 2003. Section 10 of the Act says, in part, “The Council established by the former Act is hereby continued as the Legislative Assembly of Yukon.”