Tabled Documents

Sessional Papers

A sessional paper is a document required to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly in accordance with an act, resolution of the Assembly or Standing Order. Sessional Papers are tabled in the House during Tabling Returns and Documents.

Legislative Returns

A legislative return is a written response to: (a) a question asked during Question Period, (b) a written question that has been placed on the Order Paper, (c) a motion for the production of papers, or (d) a matter outstanding from discussion in the House or Committee of the Whole.

Filed Documents

Filed documents are documents, other than Sessional Papers, that are tabled in the House (usually during Tabling Returns and Documents) and entered into the Assembly’s Working Papers.


A petition is a formal request made by members of the public to the Legislative Assembly for redress of a grievance.

First Session

No: FD 35-1-257
Title: 2023 Annual Report Yukon Minerals Advisory Board (John Streicker)