Mixed Member Proportional

How It Works:

  • There are 19 electoral districts, each of which elect only one candidate.
  • There is an additional electoral district in which multiple additional candidates are elected.

How You Vote:

  • You vote for a single candidate in your district.
  • The candidate with the highest number (or possibly a majority) of votes wins their specific district.
  • Political parties are awarded a proportion of additional seats based on the proportion of votes they received.

What Should I Consider:

  • As the proportional representation seats are determined by the same votes as the plurality/majority seats, this system inherently compensates for any over- or under-representation of parties compared to their share of the vote.
  • In order to accommodate a blend of local constituency and proportional representation, this system would likely require the addition of seats to the legislature.
    • Example: The current 19 seats would remain to be filled by a plurality/majority system, and an additional 11 seats would be added to accommodate seats assigned by proportional representation.


For more information on the electoral system options for Yukon, please see the report prepared by Keith Archer.


Special Committee on Electoral Reform