Two-Round System

How It Works:

  • There are 19 electoral districts, each of which elect only one candidate.

How You Vote:

  • You vote for a single candidate in your district.
  • The candidate with a majority of votes wins.

What If There is No Majority Winner:

  • If no candidate receives a majority of votes after the first round of voting, the top two candidates participate in a run-off election where the winner receives the majority of votes.

What Should I Consider:

  • Electoral districts have direct, local representation - the candidates they vote for live in their district.
  • Candidates ultimately win a majority of votes, and even though a candidate may be a voter’s second choice, having a run-off election (as opposed to a ranked ballot) means that a candidate cannot win without directly receiving a majority of votes.


For more information on the electoral system options for Yukon, please see the report prepared by Keith Archer.


Special Committee on Electoral Reform