Hansard Search Improvements

The Legislative Assembly Office would like to thank its website users for their patience over the last few months with the Assembly’s public beta website. Further updates to the site have recently been released, including a new Hansard search feature.

Hansard search is now available at: https://yukonassembly.ca/house-business/hansard/hansard-search

The Hansard search feature works in all browsers, but users will have a more optimized experience using Google Chrome or any browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

All Hansard issues from March 2, 1978, to the end of the most recent sitting are now available in a searchable format on the new website. The previous website (http://www.legassembly.gov.yk.ca/) is no longer serviced and will be decommissioned shortly.

New Search Criteria

The new search feature allows users to refine their search criteria. Hansard can now be searched by:

  • Assembly/Legislature
  • Session
  • Date range
  • Sitting
  • Sitting day number

Searching Tips

By default, search results include partial matches to search terms. To search for an exact match, use quotation marks around the search text.

Date ranges can be selected with the drop down calendar or by typing in a date in the yyyy-mm-dd format (2020-03-05 for March 5, 2020).

Sitting day numbers are counted from the beginning of each session. Entering “1” in that field will bring up the first sitting day of every session. For information on the difference between the terms Sitting, Session and sitting day, see the information sheet on Assembly time periods.

Multiple fields can be combined to further refine a search. Use caution when selecting filters as not all combinations will produce results. For example, there was no Second Session in the 33rd Legislature, and a search of Hansard for that criteria would therefore produce no results.

As many Hansard issues were digitized from scans of the original hard copies, there may be some errors in text recognition. Avoid searches with punctuation if possible as apostrophes and hyphens are particularly prone to these errors.

Historic Information

Prior to 1978, the Legislative Assembly, also known as the Yukon Territorial Council, used various different formats to record its proceedings. Many of these records are now available electronically in the historical journals.

Feedback Welcomed

Email [email protected] if you have any suggestions for the Legislative Assembly’s website and the Hansard search functionality. The Legislative Assembly Office will be working to continuously improve the website and services available.