Survey on electoral reform citizens' assembly

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The Yukon Bureau of Statistics is conducting a survey on citizens’ assemblies on behalf of the Legislative Assembly’s Special Committee on Electoral Reform, beginning January 12, 2023.

All Yukoners aged 16 years or older will receive an invitation by email or mail from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics with an individualized unique PIN to participate in the survey. Anyone not receiving the invitation by January 19, 2023, should contact the Bureau by email or by phone 1-866-527-8266 (toll-free within Yukon).

The survey can be completed online in English or French at the following link:

As part of its study of potential changes to the voting system, the Special Committee on Electoral Reform had the Yukon Bureau of Statistics administer a survey on electoral systems in early 2022. The Bureau’s May 31, 2022, report on that survey is available on the committee’s webpage. The current follow-up survey will focus on the potential use of a citizens’ assembly to assess electoral systems and to recommend whether the current system should be retained or another system should be adopted.

A citizens’ assembly (also known as a citizens’ jury, citizens’ panel, or policy jury) is an independent, non-partisan body formed of randomly selected individuals from a pool of citizens to deliberate on important issues.

To fulfill its mandate to examine electoral reform, the Special Committee on Electoral Reform has also collected written submissions and held hearings with expert witnesses and the general public online and in communities across the territory between January 21 and September 14, 2022. The committee released an interim report on November 24, 2022.

The committee must complete its work and report its findings and recommendations by the 2023 Spring Sitting of the Legislative Assembly.

Additional information on the committee is available at