Citizens' Assembly Survey Results Public

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The results of a recent survey conducted for the Yukon Legislative Assembly’s all-party Special Committee on Electoral Reform are now available to the public.

The survey focused on the potential use of a citizens’ assembly to assess electoral systems and to recommend whether Yukon’s current system should be retained or another system should be adopted. A citizens’ assembly (also known as a citizens’ jury, citizens’ panel, or policy jury) is an independent, non-partisan body formed of randomly selected individuals to deliberate on important issues.

The Yukon Bureau of Statistics (YBS) administered the survey for the committee from January 12 to March 5, 2023. YBS’s report to the committee can be viewed on the committee’s webpage at

6,354 Yukoners (17.5% of eligible individuals) completed the survey.

The Special Committee on Electoral Reform must complete its work and report its findings and recommendations on electoral reform before the end of the 2023 Spring Sitting of the Legislative Assembly. More information on the committee, including the motion establishing the committee and meeting minutes, is available at