Report on Electoral Reform Released

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The all-party Special Committee on Electoral Reform has presented its final report to the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

On May 26, 2021, the Yukon Legislative Assembly adopted Motion No. 61, thereby establishing the Special Committee on Electoral Reform. The committee’s purpose, or mandate, as set out in the motion, was to examine electoral reform and report to the Legislative Assembly its findings and recommendations. 

In its report, the committee makes 3 recommendations:

  • Recommendation No. 1 The Special Committee on Electoral Reform recommends that Yukoners be given the opportunity to vote on a proposed change to Yukon’s voting system both before any such change is implemented and again after a trial period with a new voting system.
  • Recommendation No. 2 The Special Committee on Electoral Reform recommends that any decision on voting systems reflects the importance of balance for rural and urban representation.
  • Recommendation No. 3 The Special Committee on Electoral Reform supports the creation of a Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

Throughout its study of electoral reform, the committee worked diligently to reach consensus. The committee acknowledges that recommendations one and two were decided by consensus. The final one, Recommendation No. 3, was agreed to by majority.

The full report is available at 

All members of the committee would like to thank the Yukoners who shared their thoughts and perspectives on this important issue.

More information on the committee, including the video and audio recordings of the public hearings and meeting minutes, is available at